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Our Story

Years ago, while traveling in the north of England, my husband and I came upon a working Cotton Mill. After taking the tour, we realized that here was the last remaining Water-Wheel Powered Cotton Mill and Mill Village left in the world. Established in 1784, the Mill uses only water power to run the looms. The water travels through the weir, over the Wheel and returns to the river, untouched. This is the fabric, as it has been woven for over 223 years. It is the only authentic water-wheel powered cotton fabric from the Victorian Era. This is not a re-production. It is the real thing. We call it "Woven by Water".

Our passion is to keep this Mill weaving. The cotton fabrics that are woven there are all available on this site. The garments that are made from the cloth are Victorian Era Clothing. We now offer the William Morris Fabric Pattern, the Blue Daisy. In 2006, The National Trust commissioned Quarry Bank Mill to produce this fabric. It is printed on the same cotton fabric, using the same methods that William Morris would have used in 1864, making this one of the only authentic William Morris prints available in the world. A historic fabric for the discerning customer.

What goes into Woven By Water® Fabric?

Water, Wheels, and History

The Weir at Quarry Bank

In the Victorian Era, before our high tech world, people used the energy around them. The continuous flow from streams and rivers provided a renewable source of power for grain mills and weaving mills.

Functioning water wheels of England

All of our Woven by Water Fabrics originate in England at Quarry Bank Mill. Founded in 1784 by a young textile merchant Samuel Greg, Quarry Bank was one of the first generation of water powered cotton spinning mills. Located on the River Bollin, the Mill flourished. The Village of Styal and Styal Estate was built to house the workers, giving them a place to live and a sense of community.

Quarry Bank Mill is still a working Cotton Mill today. Generations of families still live in the Village, and work at the Mill. They still worship at the Village Church and live in the same homes as their ancestors did over the past 200 years. Keeping the past alive.

Quarry Bank Mill, still producing authentic Victorian cotton fabric

The Mill and Styal Country Estate are owned by the National Trust. We are honored to be the exclusive purveyor of Victorian Era Clothing and Novelty Toile Fabrics from Quarry Bank Mill. This year, we have added William Morris Fabric Pattern, Blue Daisy to our collection.

Candiss Cole Designs steps back in time to rediscover the timeless beauty of Victorian Cotton fabrics and its designs. This is Green Energy at its best. Together we can make a difference.


Woven By Water