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Candiss Cole-Footitt and her husband, Rodger Footitt, have been involved in textiles for many years. They travel extensively through the United States and England and continue to stay on the cutting edge of fashion and fabric design. Their home and main studio are located in Sedona, Arizona where they live with their three dogs.

Within the past few years Candiss & Rodger have developed a new collection of Ikat-Shibori fabrics. They have received numerous national awards and the current collections are on international runways. Working side by side, their goal is to bring a contemporary look to ancient textile traditions and to bridge the gap between couture and wearable art.


Handwoven silk ikat Swing Coat by Candiss Cole - EmbersHandwoven silk herringbone Carmel Jacket by Candiss Cole - AlpineHandwoven silk ikat Barcelona Jacket by Candiss Cole - Ocean Mist

In a recent article, Candiss wrote;

"Rodger and I are excited to share our life's work with you. Both of us have been in the textile industry most of our lives. My family has been in textiles for generations. Rodger came from the North of England, also known as the end of the Silk Road and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. He came to America many years ago with an English Textile Equipment Company and helped set up Spinning Mills in the Carolinas. Currently, his focus is on color and pattern. Together we have over 60 years in textiles.

All of our fabrics are 100% silk warps. We hand dye the yarn and hand weave the fabrics with the help of our weavers. We are proud of the team we have created over the years and honor the men and women who work to make these fabrics a reality.

Our Ikat-Shibori fabrics are unique. We are the only studio in the world that produces this fabric. It is an additional process of pleating and folding our fabrics into a smocking pattern and adding a surface color and texture to give depth to the fabric.

Our inspiration comes from New York's highest lofts and the colors of marble, brick, metal and glass. The ancient green colors and gentle natural textures of the cold and windswept Moors of Derbyshire, England. The soft morning light as it plays with the trees and the churning mists of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England, where fantasy and reality continue to inspire. And the colored hues of morning light, as they play off the Red Rocks of Sedona, no further away than our own front yard.

Recently, we have also added a new collection to our offering, Woven by Water. A Victorian Era Fabric and Garment Collection, dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the looms at Quarry Bank Mill, in Styal, Cheshire, England. Our motto, BUY A SHIRT, SAVE A MILL, means just that. When you purchase a shirt, you help keep the looms weaving and keep alive the oldest continuously run Water-Wheel Powered Looms in the World.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our love of fine fabrics, and our passion for excellence in design."


Woven By Water